Electrical Engineer, Cyber Security (purple hat), Drones & Robotics, Professor, And an entrepreneur

Tamimi with a drone pic

Your typical nerd with nerdy interests. Based in Canada 🍁. My interests in tech and engineering started when I was a little kid. I used to put 9V batteries on my tongue to see if they were dead yet or not. Or about the many times I almost killed myself with electricity 😁.

Professionally, my background is pretty wide and a mix of several domains. I have been in the cybersecurity domain since SlackOS was used as the pentesting OS for “Hackers!!”. That was the early version of backtrack which is before even Kali and before almost all current cybersecurity certificates. What got me into this field is reverse engineering. I bought a book about it back in ~2002ish detailing a lot of information. As you would expect, cracking my first program was like having a baby for the first time! (full disclosure: It was for fun!👀). A couple of years later, I bought my first alfa wireless adapter -I still have it and it still functional!-. As you guessed again, it was for “educational purposes”, learning all the tricks and tools for wireless pentesting. From there, I dived deep into basically all other domains in cybersecurity such as Windows domain admins, Linux security, web apps, industrial automation and IoT, even physical security like RfID CCTV fingerprint scanners; you name it.

When it comes to engineering, my background is also interesting. Having electrical engineering education means I have my good share in software engineering either embedded or high level like web apps or even hardware. At the time I had my education none of the new cool kids’ tools were around like Arduino or Rpi; you would have to program your PIC manually and sometimes with assembly. I built several platforms in the past years which you can read about in my portfolio. The latest is a platform that can fly drones or drive robots over 5G/LTE; both software and hardware developments. I also have my share of knowledge in other engineering aspects such as Microwaves and Antennas, Software Defined Radios, automation, SCADA and PLC, networking and switches, Clouds and server administration, and even PCB and electronics; overall it is a great smoothie!

I also have a background in non-technical roles. I am a certified project manager (cert is expired now and I do not think I will renew it) and worked as a lead for several projects, big or small. To this date, I have a zero failure rate! I also worked as a professor for applied projects, mentoring the students/juniors to build some cool projects. You can find some of these projects in my portfolio as well!

On the personal side, I do have an artsy side, from traditional portrait drawings all the way to digital stuff, photography, 3D modeling and vfx, even architecture design. I also like to think I know few cooking recipes.

If you managed to read all of that wall of text, you are awesome! I hope you enjoyed it and that it didn’t put you to sleep. Have a great day!😊