Electrical Engineer, Cyber Security (purple hat), Drones & Robotics, Professor, And an entrepreneur

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Amphibian RC Car -


Next Generation Drone Swarm Platform -

Laser Guided Drone -

Rogue GSM Cellular Base Tower Station (BTS) Detection Drone -

Counter-Drone Drone -

GTA Real Estate Tracker Platform -

COVID19 Cases Tracker Platform -

High-rise Window Cleaning Drone -

Mines Sweeper Drone -

Modular Drone -

UAV and UGV Robots And Drones Interoperability Platform -

Amphibian RC Car -


NERDS: Heavy-lift Drone with low latency Command and Control over Cellular 5G and 4k Video Stream In Realtime -

IndroPilot: Drone Over Cellular 5G Platform -

BVLOS SUI Endurance Remotely Piloted Survey Drones Powered By Indropilot In Brazil -

Drones Wind Tunnel Test With NRC National Research Canada -

Cellular (5G/LTE) Coverage Scanner Drone -

Transport Canada (TC) Expo in Ottawa TCEXPO -

Canada Security CANSEC Demo Powered By IndroPilot -

AED Drone Delivery Over Cellular 5G Powered by Indropilot -

Geekweek Canada Cybersecurity -

Active Radar Enabled Drone -

Warehouse Barcode Reader Drone -

UGV Robot TeleOP Integration -

Drone Delivery Station By Valkyri -

Drones And Robotics Operations And Demos with Nokia -

Transport Canada (TC) Training On Indropilot Platform -

Collision Avoidance Robot -

Deep Learning Anomaly Based SEIM Platform -

Sun Tracking Solar Panel -

Remotely Controlled Prosthetic Robot Hand -

Engineering Dashboard And Document Management System Platform -

Aerial Survey By Manned & Unmanned aircraft -

Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity Pentest & Audit -

Robotic Arm Manipulator By Kuka -

Industrial Automation SCADA System -

NOC And SOC Backbone Network With Access Control -

Off Grid IIoT Solar System -

Attack 3G GSM Networks & Decrypting in Realtime -


Boring Resume -

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