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Robotic Arm Manipulator By Kuka

Tamimi April 01, 2015 [Professional] #Robots #Manipulator #Kuka #Cloud #Programming

vid1: One of the kuka packing robots in the commissioning stage after it was tested.


In this project, our client sought to enhance efficiency, reliability, and precision across several production lines in their factories through automation. After thorough research, our team opted for Kuka, a renowned arm manipulator manufacturer.

The scope

The project encompassed various facets, including mechanical considerations, product-related aspects, and even civil and construction components related to the new production lines. For the purpose of this discussion, I will focus solely on the robotics aspect—the area I actively contributed to.

Types of automation

Our robotic systems were deployed on two primary production lines:

vid2: Another robot used for packing and moving some manufactured parts in the production line.

vid3/4: Other installed robots were part of a plastic manufacturing production line.


Our team successfully delivered the project, and subsequent to its completion, the client expanded automation efforts to additional factories. If granted permission by the client, I can provide further technical details, including quantitative comparisons between machine and human performance in these factories.

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