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UGV Robot TeleOP Integration

Tamimi May 13, 2021 [Professional] #Robots #TeleOps #platform #ROS #5G #Cellular #Autonomy #gstreamer #Realtime Video #agileX #Bunker #Hunter

vid1: Demonstration of the Tele_operated UGV using the final setup, as seen in the video above, I am driving it with a controller over the internet.


This project was mainly an integration work, where several systems, platforms, hardware and software were put together to achieve the goal.

The goal of this work was to make a fully tele-operated UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) over cellular network, supporting both 5G (SA and NSA), LTE, and a fallback to 3G where needed.


The main objectives of the project were:

vid2: The Scout Mini after it was fully integrated and connected with all system, my colleagues was driving it over the internet to test the functionalities.

Project Components

The project integrated the following components:

vid3: A promotional video of the Scout Mini, Credit: AgileX

SpecsScout MiniBunker
Dimensions612-80-245mm W-H-D1023-778-400mm W-H-D
Operating Temperature-10~45°C-10~45°C
Battery24V/15Ah48V30Ah(Standard) 48V60Ah(Optional)
MAX Speed3m/s(Standard Wheel), 3m/s(Mecanum Wheel)C--
Protection LevelIP22IP52(Standard) IP54(Optional)
Drive FormFour-wheelfour driveLeft and Right Independent Drive Track Differential Steering
The Rocos dashboard

Img1: The robot Dashbaord (By Rocos) after it was integrated to the unit.

The bunker integration

Img2: The AgileX Bunker during the process of the integration. Note: You can see in the picture above, the Microhard is pulled out as it was causing the issues, a component that was improved with a better modem later. In the back, you can see the Scout Mini too.


No major challenges more than what you would expect in any integration project, except for tight schedules and some logistic concerns as it was during the worldwide chip shortage.


This project demonstrated the successful integration of various systems, platforms, hardware and software to achieve the goal of making a fully tele-operated UGV over cellular network. The project met the client requirements and objectives, such as battery endurance, small form factor, easy controls, real-time video feeds, and dashboard monitoring, while utilizing the latest technologies, to enhance the performance and functionality of the UGV. Furthermore, the project laid the foundation for future improvements and extensions, such as adding autonomy, object recognition, and other features to the UGV. The project was delivered on time and within budget, despite the challenges of tight schedules and chip shortage.

Teleoperation mission

Img3: Myself and my colleague during a joint tele-operation mission, I was flying the drone with the PS5 controller and he was driving the UGV with the Xbox one!

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