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Drone Delivery Station By Valkyri

Tamimi April 01, 2021 [Professional] #drone #robots #Drone Delivery #platform #BVLOS #UAV #5G #Cellular #Autonomy #ground station
valkyri station

Img1: Valkyri Station


This project entailed the integration, development, and testing of a landing/launching station system for a drone delivery service. The hardware for the station (also referred to as the 'nest') was supplied by a company named Valkyri.


The initial requirements were outlined as follows:

  • The station would serve as the landing and launching pad for drones tasked with delivering small packages.
  • The drone would autonomously land and take off after depositing the package.
  • The delivered package would be placed in one of the six compartments within the station (as depicted below).
  • Upon delivery, the user would receive a notification along with an unlocking code to access the designated compartment.
Station boxes

Img2: The station boxes that will hold the delivered packages

However, the project has been temporarily suspended by the client, and no further progress has been made.

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