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Drones And Robotics Operations And Demos with Nokia

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vid1: One of the Nokia demos, my teammate was the pilot and I was the VO for that operation.


These projects were not aimed at building or integrating solutions to achieve specific goals. Instead, they served as demonstrations by Nokia and/or Invest Ottawa1 for their clients. Our primary focus during these demonstrations was on the drone/UAV aspects, including mission planning, flight operations, and overall management.

Nokia Drone

Img1: The Nokia cellular drone in the field

Brief background on Nokia infrastructure in AreaXO

AreaXO2, the testing and operation facility provided by Invest Ottawa, features Nokia infrastructure that supports various operations, testing, and further research. The Nokia private cellular network is available in two main forms: LTE and 5G.

Mobile Command Center (aka the Van)

he Mobile Command Center is designed for mobile operations in the field, providing flexibility where deployment is needed.

Nokia MOC/Van

Img2: The Nokia Mobile Command Center


gNB126 n78 TDD (3700)RMOD1 3679.90 - 3699.90MHz RMOD2 3654.90 - 3674.90MHz20MHz
eNB32/33 B14 (700 PS)DL 758 - 768MHz UL 788 - 798MHz10MHz
Nokia LTE

Img3: The Nokia MOC LTE Cellular network architecture

MOC 5G (Stand Alone SA)

gNB126 n78 TDD (3700)3419.99-3479.99MHz60MHz
Nokia 5G

Img4: The Nokia MOC 5G Cellular network architecture

Nokia MOC

Img5: NOKIA MOC Control Panel

The Fixed Site Tower

Located atop the facility building, the fixed tower offers two primary lobes for the cellular network.

Fixed LTE

eNB 36 B43 (3700) - TDD3679.90- 3689.90MHz20MHz
eNB32/33 B14 (700 PS)DL 758 - 768MHz UL 788 - 798MHz10MHz
eNB 36 B7 (2600)DL 2645 - 2665MHz UL 2525 - 2545MHz20MHz
Nokia LTE

Img6: The Nokia fixed site LTE Cellular network architecture

Fixed 5G (Non-Stand Alone NSA)

409552 n260 TDD (39GHz)39100-39200MHz100MHz
gNB126 n78 TDD (3700)3419.99-3479.99MHz60MHz
Nokia 5G

Img7: The Nokia fixed site 5G Cellular network architecture


The specific demos varied based on the client and mission requirements. While I won't delve into the details of each demo here, I'll provide a brief overview. Please note that I won't disclose any confidential information related to these demos. Instead, I'll share relevant media along with concise descriptions.

Nokia Drone Nokia Drone

Img8/9: NOKIA cellular-enabled drone

Nokia Drone

Img10: The drone is equipped with different sensors like IR imagery for ISR operation. I was going through the checklist before the flight, and my teammate took that picture :)

vid2: One of the demos were we simulated a a search and rescue operation, where the drone used to find the rescuee (it was me btw) and then the UGV seen above used as a platform to transport the rescuee from the site.

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