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Transport Canada (TC) Training On Indropilot Platform

Tamimi April 01, 2021 [Professional] #Drone #Robots #Drone Delivery #platform #indropilot #BVLOS #UAV #5G #Cellular #Autonomy #ground station #4K video #Realtime #ultra reliable #low latency #heavy-lift
TC Team

Img1: The TC Trainees team

Transport Canada (TC) had previously procured several drones equipped with Indropilot, an advanced platform that facilitates drone operations over cellular networks.

Subsequently, the TC team expressed the need for comprehensive training. This training covered two primary aspects:

The Training

In summary, our training sessions focused on empowering TC personnel to operate drones effectively and harness the full potential of the Indropilot system. Let's soar to new heights! 🚁✨

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