Electrical Engineer, Cyber Security (purple hat), Drones & Robotics, Professor, Entrepreneur



NERDS: Heavy-lift Drone with low latency Command and Control over Cellular 5G and 4k Video Stream In Realtime -

IndroPilot: Drone Over Cellular 5G Platform -

BVLOS SUI Endurance Remotely Piloted Survey Drones Powered By Indropilot In Brazil -


Canada Security CANSEC Demo Powered By IndroPilot -

AED Drone Delivery Over Cellular 5G Powered by Indropilot -


Active Radar Enabled Drone -

Warehouse Barcode Reader Drone -

Cellular (5G/LTE) Coverage Scanner Drone -

Cellular (5G/LTE) Scanner Drone by UE/Phone -

Drones And Robotics Operations And Demos with Nokia -

Transport Canada (TC) Training On Indropilot Platform -