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Deep Learning Anomaly Based SEIM Platform

Tamimi June 02, 2019 [Professional] #Software #AI #Deep Learning #Engineering #CyberSecurity
seim AI project launch

Img1: Project Launch


This PoC project goal is to use ML/AI within a SEIM to detect and alarm the SOC team about any anomalies in the network an/or the end-points.

seim AI workshop

Img2: Project Workshop

The SEIM was built on top of several open source software, like CoreOS, Docker with Rancher, Kubernetes orchestration. It can be deployed in the clouds like AWS or baremetal/Virtual machine appliance, with the ability to scale it for enterprise use. Some of these features include.

seim AI major components

Img3: SEIM High Level components

High level features

seim AI with the client

Img4: Meeting with the client and demonstrating the project

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