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Sun Tracking Solar Panel

Tamimi April 10, 2019 [Professional] #Automation #Solar Cells #PV #Engineering


This project was among numerous projects I supervised while working at Fleming College. These projects were integral to the students' program. However, they were not merely academic exercises; they were applied projects with real budgets and actual sponsors. Consequently, at the conclusion of these projects, which typically spanned two or three semesters, the sponsors would determine the project's success or failure based on the project requirements.


This project was executed by my students, and my role was primarily to mentor them. I ensured that they delivered the project as per the sponsor's requirements while aligning their work with project management principles and methods.


The task was to build a proof-of-concept solar panel that tracks the sun throughout the day to maximize efficiency, all within a modest budget of less than $1000.


The project resembled a sunflower in its overall shape, albeit on a smaller scale. Regrettably, I do not have any pictures of the final product as I was traveling during their handover. However, it looked similar to the picture below (credits: Newlight energy1)

suntracking panels

Img1: The final product looked similar to this panel, credits: Newlight energy

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Newlights energy Solar_Panel