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Collision Avoidance Robot

Tamimi June 16, 2019 [Professional] #robots #ROS #platform #Sensors #UGV #Autonomy

🚧Note: I can't find the media I had for this project :( but when I do I will update this project 🚧


This project was among numerous projects I supervised while working at Fleming College. These projects were integral to the students' program. However, they were not merely academic exercises; they were applied projects with real budgets and actual sponsors. Consequently, at the conclusion of these projects, which typically spanned two or three semesters, the sponsors would determine the project's success or failure based on the project requirements.


The robot was based on ROS (Robot OPerating System) and used several sensors like 2D Lidar and stereo cameras to avoid obstacles, the system was installed on an SBC (RPi4).