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Tamimi June 01, 2023 [Resume] #resume

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2023-Current	[REDACTED]		Founder
A company that provide services, researches, and consultations in Cyber security, Robotics and drones, engineering, and technology.

2021-2023	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Platform To Fly Any Drone Over Cellular Networks (indropilot)
Successfully designed and developed the next-generation platform, InDroPilot, from scratch. This platform enables drones to fly, takeoff/land, and command & control over both commercial and private 5G/LTE cellular networks, offering low latency operation and real-time video streaming, either autonomously or manually with a joystick. The hardware design includes fault tolerance, safety systems, and redundant communications, making it compatible with several ground stations over MAVLINK protocol among others. It also features an encrypted fast tunnel and robust cloud integrations with AWS/Azure. The system has been field-tested in several missions, including one where an operator in Australia successfully operated a drone located in Canada in real-time with approximately 50ms latency. InDroPilot is designed for extensibility, ready to accommodate add-ons for UAV+UGV cross-operation, AI/ML applications, and even drone swarm operations.

For more details and media, visit: https://go.tamim.io/indropilot

2021-2022	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
BVLOS Drone Operated Over 5G/Cellular Network With Realtime 4K Video Stream & Command/Control
- Successfully led and delivered Project NERDs, which involved building and developing a state-of-the-art 5G/LTE-enabled heavy-lift RPAS/Drone for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations. This drone is capable of streaming real-time 4K video with sub-50ms latency and includes sensors for FPV/RTK for both manual and autonomous operations. The drone was successfully flown over Ericsson's private 5G network (ENCQOR) and ROGERS' commercial network.
- Developed a novel collision avoidance system that integrates with the RPAS/Drone flight controller for real-time operations, with the ability to communicate bi-directionally with aircraft in the vicinity directly from the drone.
- Created a Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithm to stream raw 4K video (from a Sony DSLR payload) in real-time with approximately 50ms latency and Full HD cameras to deliver crystal clear footage.

For more details and media, visit: https://go.tamim.io/nerds_project

2022	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
AED Package Drone Delivery
Successfully developed a drone delivery system over 5G/LTE for remote package delivery in complex operations. This system supports both autonomous and manual operations for the drone and payload in real-time. Additionally, I worked on and planned an autonomous drone launch station. This station is designed to launch, land pad, and charge drones automatically and autonomously, preparing it for remote drone delivery operations.

For more details and media, visit: https://go.tamim.io/aed_drone_delivery

2021	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Drone Warehouse Barcode Scanner
Successfully delivered a Proof of Concept (POC) for a warehouse drone designed to track and scan package barcodes for warehouse asset management. This system allows for automatic barcode scanning and feeds the data into a database in real-time over a 5G/Cellular network.

For more details and media, visit: https://go.tamim.io/warehouse_drone

2022	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Cellular Network Scanner by Drones
Developed a drone system designed to scan the cellular (5G/LTE) networks in an area to identify weak or dead zones. The system feeds the results in real-time and visualizes them for easy interpretation and action.

For more details and media, visit: Cellular (5G/LTE) Coverage Scanner Drone

2021	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
UGV TeleOP Over 5G Cellular
Integrated and developed a 5G/LTE-enabled TeleOp system on UGV robots, utilizing NVIDIA Jetson hardware. This system is ready for Machine Learning applications, leveraging CUDA cores for optimal performance.

For more details and media, visit: UGV Robot TeleOP Integration

2022-2023	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Photogrammetry Over 5G/LTE
Successfully delivered several drones enabled with 5G/LTE for conducting photogrammetry operations in Brazil, while the pilot can be located in Canada to operate the missions remotely over the internet.

For more details and media, visit: SUI Endurance Remotely Piloted Survey Drones Powered By Indropilot In Brazil

2021-2023	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Several PoC Projects
-Ledd the company team for the GEEKWEEK cybersecurity event, participating in both red and blue team activities. This included offensive penetration testing of a private 5G network (Nokia), and defensive strategies where global pentesters attempted to breach the system I developed for remote drone operation (InDroPilot).
- Conducted several research projects with ISED on building a drone-enabled system to detect radio/microwave interference in real-time, utilizing trilateration. 
- Designed redundant communication system utilizing SATCOM, Cellular, and RC for BVLOS drones for IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program).

For more details and media, visit: GEEKWEEK

2021-2023	[REDACTED]	R&D Engineer and Project lead
Several Demos, Operations, and Events
- Led and participated in several R&D tests in the wind tunnel with the National Research Council (NRC) to test drone behaviors under different conditions and turbulence.
- Trained Transport Canada (TC) on using, operating, and flying drones over 5G/LTE remotely.
- Led several drone operations for different purposes: photogrammetry, scanning cellular networks, flying with command and control over private cellular networks (Ericsson/Nokia) and commercial ones (Rogers/Bell), and conducting operations from Nokia;s portable command center (van).
- Participated in several expos, events, and demos, including TC-EXPO in Ottawa at AreaXO, CANSEC (Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries) with Microsoft and Thales Group, NRC, Ericsson demos flying Cellular enabled BVLOS drones, and Nokia demos.

For more details and media, visit: Wind Tunnel Tests TC Training TC EXPO Nokia Ops CANSEC

2018-2019	[REDACTED]		Partial Load Professor
Partial Load Professor
Led and mentored student projects across various domains including software, engineering, robotics, and cybersecurity, utilizing the Project Management Institute (PMI) methodology.

For more details and media, visit: Prosthetic Robot Arm Sun Tracking Solar Panel SEIM AI Platform

2016-2017	[REDACTED]		System Engineer / Project Manager
Research and Development, and Project Management
- Led several innovative projects, including aerial surveys and ISR and monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for 3D imagery, photogrammetry, and more.
- Installed and integrated several Robot arm manipulators (Kuka) in a factory to automate the production line.
- Conducted cybersecurity audits for enterprise-level organizations, network and infrastructure, for several IT/OT systems.
- Oversaw cybersecurity measures and ensured compliance with standards such as NIST, ISO27001, and SANS.
- Developed dashboards and Business Intelligence data visualization to track, manage, and control engineering processes.
- Developed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the engineering/project department.
- Developed and integrated a document management system (DMS) for the internal use and integrated to SAP.

For more details and media, visit: Engineering Dashboard And Document Management System Platform Aerial Survey by Manned & UAV Robotic Arm Manipulator (KUKA)

2015-2016	[REDACTED]		System Engineer / Project Manager
Defensive & Offensive Cyber Security
- Conducted cybersecurity vulnerability detection and risk assessments, penetration testing, data protection, and continuity planning. Investigated cyber incidents, identified system weaknesses, and increased system resiliency. Addressed insider threats, cyber threat intelligence, malware analysis, policies, operational procedures, network, and infrastructure security.
-Ensured the cybersecurity of industrial networks for SCADA, PLC, and related systems (ISA99/IEC), and ensured compliance with NERC CIP requirements.
-Analyzed, detected, and mitigated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and zero-day attacks.
-Oversaw cybersecurity compliance with standards such as NIST, ISO27001, and SANS.

For more details and media, visit: Industrial Automation Systems Cybersecurity Pentest & Audit

2014-2015	[REDACTED]		Sr. Electrical Engineer
Network & Cyber Security Projects
- Designed and installed backbone networks, utilizing both fiber optics and wireless networks.
- Designed and installed physical security management systems, including CCTV, access control, and intrusion detection systems.
- Assisted in the design and installation of data centers and NOC/SOC in accordance with international and cybersecurity standards. The project budget was approximately US$2 million.
- Performed cybersecurity audits to ensure compliance with standards such as NIST, ISO27001, and SANS.
- Designed and installed network infrastructure, including all related server/terminal configurations (Cisco, Linux, Windows domains, etc.).

For more details and media, visit: NOC And SOC Backbone Network With Access Control

2012-2014	[REDACTED]		Electrical Engineer
Automation, IoT, Renewable Energy, and Cyber Security Project
- Designed, installed, and commissioned an off-grid solar (monocrystalline) PV system distributed over a 100 km2 area. The project was executed in accordance with IEC International Standards.
- Integrated system monitoring with a SCADA system and IIoT. The project budget was approximately US$1 million.
- Planned, designed, installed, and commissioned a turnkey SCADA project to monitor and control field devices/sensors. This also included monitoring field PLC units (RTU) and communicating them back to the Main Control Center (MCC) using a combination of comms backbone, wireless, and fiber optic network with different network topologies.
- The MCC was designed and built in accordance with data center standards, including both cybersecurity and safety.
- Integrated cybersecurity within the project design for OT/IT, ensuring compliance with NERC CIP and NIST standards.
- Utilized technology from Allen Bradley/Rockwell, Prosoft, Ubiquiti, and FactoryTalk, as well as Microsoft. The project budget was approximately US$2.4 million.

For more details and media, visit: Industrial Automation SCADA System Off-Grid IIoT Solar System

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