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NOC And SOC Backbone Network With Access Control

Tamimi July 01, 2014 [Professional] #SOC #NOC #IIoT #Engineering #Access Control
ProjectNOC And SOC Backbone Network With Access Control
BudgetUS$2.00 million
Duration12 months
StatusSuccessfully Delivered


This project was commissioned by the client to construct a data center for both NOC/SOC operations and install various physical access control systems within the facility.


The three primary requirements specified by the client were as follows:

While there are many intricate details associated with this project—some within the defined scope and others beyond—I will provide a concise overview.

Data Center

The data center built per the specification and international standards, primarily NFPA 70 (aka NEC) National Electrical Code, NFPA 75 - Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment For Canada, ANSI/TIA-942-2005 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.

The data center design was focused on the following:

The main areas were in the data center were: The LAN (Local Area Network) telecom room, The computer room, The main distribution Area, the horizontal distribution area, the equipment distribution area, and the the zone distribution area is the space where a zone outlet or consolidation point is located.

While there are many intricate details associated with this project—some within the defined scope and others beyond—I will provide a concise overview. Each of these areas, along with the specified requirements, could warrant an entire article to delve into specifics such as rack types, fault tolerance, network topology, and fiber optics, a wireless fiber was also used to connect to other nearby sites (seen in Img1:), however, I'll keep a brief summary, I might add more if needed.

outdoor turnstiles

Img1: The Airfiber from Ubiquiti was used in the project

Physical access control

The data center is located off-site within a private facility, and the client expressed concern about unauthorized access. Inside the building, half-height turnstiles and gates were installed, complemented by biometric scanners to enhance security in case of lost fob keys.

Externally, full-height turnstiles were strategically placed at all entrance and exit points.

outdoor turnstiles

Img2: One of the full height turnstiles

Camera and motion Detections

In addition to access controls, a comprehensive monitoring system was implemented. Key components include:


It is impressive that the project was successfully delivered on time, especially considering its scale and complexity. I understand the need to maintain confidentiality, so I will not provide any more information unless I have a permission to do so in the future.

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